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30 Years and going strong


At the back end of October 1987, the dream of Jeff Windsor and Susan Jennings of starting their own company became a reality and graphic design consultancy, Windsor Jennings, was formed. Some would say that giving up well-paid jobs to start a fledgling partnership with the promise of business from just one client (albeit that company was part of Guinness) was a risky exercise. But when your dream has always had been to start your own business, come hell or high water you have to make it work.

And make it work we did.

Initially starting out as a pure graphic design consultancy, the business very quickly expanded into a design and print consultancy, as clients insisted that the top-quality design service was matched by top-quality printing.  Over the years we’ve had great fun and produced some great work for a huge range of businesses from one-man bands and start-ups right up to Rentokil, British Midlands Airways, Initial Cleaning, Lindemans Wines, Freeview and Fullers Brewery.

As the business grew, we moved out of a tiny attic and into refurbished farm outbuildings, in a delightfully rural part of Kent, where we could go trout fishing in the adjacent lake in our lunch hour, in the unlikely event of us having a spare half hour or two. In those early days, it was not unknown for highly inquisitive piglets to wander into the studio, should we leave the door open.

Throughout the journey, we have had to be versatile, embracing apple macs as the definitive way for producing design and artwork as well as being pro-active fleet of foot when the periodic recession struck the economy. Nowadays our primary focus is on printing but that background in artwork and design has proved invaluable to understand fully the promotional requirements of designers and clients alike.

And here we are, inevitably wiser and 30 years on……still going strong! Did somebody mention cake? 

Posted: 07/11/2017 at 11:20
Tags:  marketing


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