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Beautiful business cards


In a world when most of our time is spent looking at a computer screen, communicating via email or social media, there is something rather lovely about the simple, old business card. The fact that it has survived in its original form, despite the digital revolution, is testament to its value and we believe that is because receiving something you can hold and touch and feel is a really good way of understanding the personality and style of a business. Perhaps even more so than visiting a website.

So it's no surprise then that we are seeing a demand for tactile business cards using print techniques like debossing and letterpress printing (when the ink is depressed into the paper) and foiling. These cards are printed on double thickness card so they also benefit from a feeling of quality.

Our super stylish client, Made in Chiswick, has used all of these techniques in one business card (as shown in the pictures). As one of London's up and coming joiners, design, texture and finish are of paramount importance, and these excellent business cards will really help him stand out as a superior alternative to the competition.

For more information, get in touch and we'll be happy to swap business cards with you!




Posted: 12/02/2015 at 13:16


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