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Bespoke invites


With Summer comes weddings and parties, and, as usual, Windsor Jennings likes to get involved.

Sadly we haven't been asked to get our glad rags out for the occasion. No, we've been beavering away in the studio creating beautiful bespoke invitations, orders of service and menus.

The nice thing about these jobs is that each one is totally individual and we work really hard to reflect the personality of each person involved and each event's unique feel. The world can really be your oyster with invites as we can design to any size and shape, and can build in any number of print finishes from foil blocking and embossing to laser cuts and hand finishing with ribbons, folds or stick-on items. We have paper samples coming out of our ears so you can choose whatever suits your event best.

And we even have a calligrapher available who can hand-write or personalise each invitation or envelope.

For more information (or to invite us to your party!) please get in touch with Jeff - jeff@windsorjennings.com


Posted: 19/06/2014 at 12:46


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