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Clever marketing ideas


One of the team at Windsor Jennings recently celebrated a wedding anniversary, and on opening the greetings card, we found a clever little leaflet inside created by Woodmansterne. The leaflet was promoting the company's 'Five Star Days' which could be purchased as gifts for loved ones, including activities such as a Champagne afternoon for two, a river boat cruise or even llama trekking.

Buying gifts for wedding anniversaries can be tricky for some and often purchases are left to the last minute (this is not representative of us at WJ we might add) so this leaflet was perfectly targeted. It got straight into the hands of its target market through the association with the greetings card company and was simple to follow with an immediate call to action.

The leaflet had also been cleverly printed, featuring a unique discount code to further encourage purchase and it had a perforated tear off segment which you could fill in to tell your loved one which gift you had purchased for them.

If we hadn't been so organised with buying our gift in plenty of good time, we would definitely have been tempted by Woodmansterne's little offer and would probably be off on a llama trek right now.


Posted: 21/08/2014 at 09:18
Tags:  Print  marketing


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