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Multi-coloured dreamcoats


As a tradesperson, one way to stand out from the crowd, apart from exceeding expectations with your technical skills and service delivery, is to wear a distinctive workwear garment.

Now whilst we wouldn’t decry the merits of a multi-coloured dreamcoat as an attention grabber, it won’t necessarily demonstrate or portray professional and technical expertise in the trade skill that you provide.

A smart T shirt, Polo, Sweatshirt over-printed or embroidered, on the other hand, most certainly will. With an added telephone number or web site you become, quite literally, a walking advertisement for your company.

One which could potentially lead to securing additional business for your company.And our customising of garments doesn’t just stop with T shirts, Polos and Sweatshirts, Windsor Jennings can also provide many other types of indoor or outdoor garments for trades or office personnel alike.

Posted: 04/09/2019 at 09:33


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