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Photo art direction


At Windsor Jennings we've had our share of foody clients, from restaurants including current favourites the Bricklayers Arms in Beckenham and Sopranos on Kensington High Street, to brewers such as Fuller, Smith & Turner to food producers such as Lactalis who manufacture President goats cheese. One former client, Pink Lady Apples has sponsored the Food Photographer of the Year competition which includes some fantastic entries all featured on the website below: 


The shots in this competition are all the more impressive because food is notoriously difficult to photograph - warm food congeals quickly; cold food can melt so you have to get the right shots early before it collapses, wilts or changes colour, jars of food prove problematic because the light bounces off the glass and if you want to show steaming hot food, we sometimes use cotton wool balls soaked in water and heated up in the microwave to provide us with the effect of steam! 

If that has wet your appetite, give us a ring and we can chat to you more about how we can help with your photography needs! 

(The photograph shown was highly commended in the competition and was by highly acclaimed British food photographer Jason Ingram).  






Posted: 24/04/2014 at 12:41


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