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Proof reading for printing


There is no doubting that spotting mistakes in print is hilarious. The internet is littered with amusing pictures of spelling and grammatical errors in the wrong places, which are funny, silly, and sometimes rude, but they should also serve as a warning. 

Pressing print before you've checked your work properly can be an expensive mistake. At best, it will cost you a re-print. At worst, it will cost you your job. 

At Windsor Jennings, we press print on hundreds of jobs each year, so we're used to checking, checking and checking one more time to make sure everything is okay. From spelling and grammar, to image clarity and colour corrections. 

So if you'd like help with a bit of proof-reading or double checking, please get in touch with your friendly Leatherhead printer.  

Posted: 05/08/2015 at 12:31
Tags:  Print


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