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Signage from Leatherhead printer


When it comes to telling people about your business, there is nothing so simple as erecting a sign to let people know you exist. Similarly, advertising your business on your vehicles can also be a no brainer for getting your message out there. But it is surprising how often it is overlooked, particularly in our digital world.

Recently at Windsor Jennings, we've been creating beautiful plaques which have been installed outside business premises. In granite or stone, these not only do the job, but indicate a level of quality and class which customers come face-to-face with as they cross the threshold.  

Shop window graphics are at the other end of the scale and we can go as bright and outlandish as you dare! 

We've also been working on some exciting vehicle decals recently. From simple contact details printed on the side of a van to full colour vehicle wraps, these quickly transform your mode of transport into a professional looking marketing tool. 

For more information, look out for us or contact Jeff Windsor - jeff@windsorjennings.com  

Posted: 01/09/2015 at 14:50
Tags:  Print  Advertising


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