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Signposting a Return to Better Times


With retailers looking likely to re-open for business from 1 June, many are now turning their attention to implementing plans to adhere to the Government’s guidelines to protect customers and staff alike. It will be a careful balance between enticing customers back into stores in a relaxed fashion to encourage them to spend money, whilst sticking to the rules and keeping everybody safe. For many businesses hit hard by Covid-19, never has the aesthetic of the store been more important.

The Government is encouraging retail outlets to put up posters to demonstrate that they are complying with social-distancing measures as many Local Authorities will be carrying out spot checks. We are seeing a mix of standard issue posters being produced which are factual in nature and simply ‘do what they say on the tin’ to more personalised posters which reflect the nature of the retailer and follow its brand guidelines more closely.

As a further precaution, some outlets are limiting the number of customers they allow into their stores at any one time, which also makes it easier to maintain the two-metre social distancing guideline. This also presents an interesting opportunity for retailers, who can use extended queuing time to sell to customers or tell them more about the brand they are buying into. Using clever point-of-sale materials will be critical.

Of course, it’s not just the retail industry that will be looking to advertise that they are ‘Covid-19 aware’. Tradesmen, craftsmen and technicians should also be thinking about posters, signs and banners to advertise they are ‘back in business’ too and steal a march on the competition.

As printers, we are expecting this will be a busy time, as we help signpost the British public back to operating in the post-lockdown world.

Posted: 28/05/2020 at 16:49


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