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Simple ways to show off your brand


We are all very conscious of the power of the brand, but sometimes it's easier to get your branding out there than you think. The business card is the most basic representation of this. But other business stationery can also do the job for you. Branded folders and clip boards can create a smart and polished image and give your team on the road confidence when presenting. They are also good for branding your own office, as nothing looks more professional than a shelf lined with your own branded collateral. 

We have recently created these bespoke paper-over-board ring binders for client, Neil Taylor Insolvency, who has a team of training staff out across the country. The folders not only keep them organised when they are out and about but help drive awareness for Neil's company and bring in new business as well!  

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 14:09


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