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The NHS will always get our vote


I think that most of us would agree that the NHS does a pretty amazing job, particularly in the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Everyone involved with the service seems to go above and beyond what is normally expected of them.

So, when we were approached recently to produce ballot boxes designed for patients to vote for nurses and midwives who had provided them with exceptional service, we were delighted to help out.

Printing boxes like this is an unusual project – ensuring the boxes are easy to transport, simple to put together, sturdy enough to withstand usage and attractive enough to stand out in cluttered reception areas are all important factors. Plus, we wanted to make sure we could deliver the project on time so that rewarding feedback could be seen by these essential key workers as quickly as possible.

The NHS was delighted with the end result. We hope that these items are helping to provide another way of ‘clapping for our carers’ whilst they work so hard on our behalf.

The design and artwork were provided by expert creative consultants, Matthew Batchelor Communications (www.matthewbatchelor.co.uk)


Posted: 16/06/2020 at 16:11


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