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Word of Eye


We've all heard of the phrase 'Word of Mouth' but what about 'Word of Eye'?

As we all know, Word of Mouth can be an extremely valuable source of business, where one person recommends to another a particular company's services. lt's a powerful endorsement that the business in question provides 'Tip-top' products or services.

But who has heard of 'Word of Eye'? Probably no-one, because we have just made it up. But believe me it can be just as powerful as'Word of Mouth'. So, what does this new phrase relate to......where somebody sees the work you have done and recommends it on to someone knowing that they need that self-same service.

It happened to us recently, where we installed some window graphics to a retail outlet and a business close-by contacted us because that was exactly what they needed.

Furthermore, the adjacent retail outlet to them has now contacted us as they would like graphics applied to their outlet's windows too.

Posted: 02/12/2019 at 10:35


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